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Most estimating software companies are now subscription based, that means you pay forever.

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Warning, You can easily feel overwhelmed as you view EasyEst features. We are very good at instructing you on only features you need or want AND at your particular learning pace and schedule.


Power You Need...

PREDEFINED FORMULAS - Automatically calculates bid quantities by entering such things as length height and width.

Eliminate calculation errors and save time by not having to do repetitive calculations.

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ASSEMBLIES - A way to group several items together. All the items in the assembly can be added to your bid with a single mouse click.

Eliminate calculation errors and save time by not having to do repetitive calculations.

Assemblies help eliminate forgotten items and can reduce estimating time by up to 90 percent.

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SUPER ASSEMBLIES - Groups of assemblies.

The Fastest way possible to takeoff dozens or hundreds of items at one time.

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Adjust to Your Way...

ORDER QUANTITIES - Used to calculate material and labor order quantities. You control the rounding direction, up, down, closest, or none and round by whole units or percent, like quarter hours for labor or 1/2 yard for concrete.

Order Quantities and Units use the conversion and rounding feature to accurately calculate labor hours and material order quantities. Includes material list reports.

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MEMOS (NOTES) - A memo or note may be added to any list by clicking "M" column of the row the memo is to be for. While in the memo field, you may use the cut, copy or paste off the Edit/Text Menu. This memo may be printed with your reports.

You may want to explain to someone where material is to be used. Since the memos can be printed with the item or not printed you can have them available for some people and not others.

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Tools You Need...

Set up many different views of items in your bid.

You may want to see only the Material details of a bid with out having to sift through the labor, sub-contract or equipment items.

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EXPORT TO SPREADSHEETS - Exports the code, description, Bid quantity, unit, unit cost, and unit price of all items in a bid. File formats ASCII, EXCEL, DBF.

For those who have a need to export a bid to a spreadsheet for budgeting or further manipulation of data.

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CROSS REFERENCE - This feature allows you to see all Items which make up a sub-total on a summary List such as the Division list.

This is a very useful feature, when you want to see why a certain cost is out of range, for instance, Division's cost may be too high.

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Flexiblity You'll Appreciate...

CUSTOM MARKUPS - Absolutely the most comprehensive application giving you the ability to add or deduct dollars to the "hard cost" line items in your bid selective or globally.

For instance certain sub-contract cost may not need as much overhead applied to them as others that require much more of your resources.

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MODIFIERS - Change the cost on a single item. It does not effect any other item and is hidden from view on all reports.

Many times you may want to tweak the cost of just a few items with out changing your global cost type markups.

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LOCATIONS - A grouping mechanism for linking items to repetitive locations like rooms, floor, phases, etc.

Excellent feature for getting subtotals in a bid for cost per room, floor or any other group important to you. You can also produce material list by location. This is great for having material delivered when you need it or material delivered in a stack with what you need on top not on the bottom.

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Why Choose EasyEst?

As you know, you have a lot of choices, so how do you make the best desision for "Your Needs"?

What Do we Mean?

As you have probably found out you can SPEND HUNDREDS, if not thousands of dollars on Estimating Software, you could even start one of the new subscription based systems many of our competitors are changing to (you pay forever).

With EasyEst your only investment is a one time very low fee, That's it! no monthly cost.

BUT! what usually ends up happening?

Once you start using any product we usually learn just enough to get the job done. That's true for most of us.

There are some cases where money is no problem.

But for the rest of us why pay for stuff we are unlikely to use.

It is true, until you get a job almost nothing else is quite as important.

So the estimating software you need first must give you a mathmatically correct dollar amount, next the system should help you feel that not only is the math ok but that you have included every cost you may have in producing the work.

In other words showing a profit is the bottom line. EasyEst Estimating Software as been doing exactly that for over 40 years!

Last BUT not least, You lose nothing (except may be a little time) to find out for yourself that you can not go wrong giving EasyEst a try!

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Commercial, Residential, Specialty Contractors and Most Sub-Trades

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Home Builders 24%
Home Remodelers 33%
Commercial and Tenant Improvement 24%
Sub-Trades 20%

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Many of you reading this are probably familiar with Costco guarantee.

  1. Even on food items if the tomatoes do not taste to your expectations you can return the rest of the package, no questions ask period! So when you shop at Costco you can try almost anything knowing you have absolutely NO risk, this is a great feeling.
  2. When you click the "Buy" button below we want to assure you that with your purchase of EasyEst you will have that same great feeling. BUT there is more...
  3. BEST of all, if for any reason EasyEst will not meet your needs just let us know. We will issue a refund in the amount that was charged to the credit card used to make the original purchase. You do not have to return your EasyEst Software or remove it from your computer, IN OTHER WORDS IT IS YOURS TO KEEP!


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CSC Software the Company

As a client focused company, your complete satisfaction and usage of EasyEst Estimating Software is our highest priority.

If you're currently deliberating between dozens of estimating systems, you are probably exhausted with reading practically the same story, over and over again. So, for peace of mind, give us a call, and we'll connect you with one of our clients who works in your field. You will be able to talk with them and ask them how EasyEst has worked for their company. What better way to ensure that EasyEst is the software for you.

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In 1982 we began to use computers for Estimating, Scheduling and Accounting. Over the years we've learned how to get the most value from this technology. CSC Software has been supplying software, and training to estimators in the construction field since 1986. And the principles of the company have been in the building & estimating industry since 1961.


Because of our experience, when you call our Client Support, you will find us a valuable resource for many of your business needs. We can supply help with many other business software products, such as, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, databases, and business and marketing plan software.


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