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Details Videos

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Modifying Price Book

Modifying Price Book

For contractors doing home remodeling and home improvement projects EasyEst includes our Remodel-37 PriceBook database. It includes several templates from bath and kitchen jobs to room addition and exterior and interior renovations. These templates can be easily customized by you to fit your needs. They not only save you a lot of time but help make sure you do not forget or miss something.

There are probably more software estimating programs to choose from for the Home Improvement and Remodeling contractors than any other type of contractor.

One of the reasons for this is that you do not need much in the way of tools to technically get into the business. Because of this competition for jobs can be very challenging.

This means that sometimes some contractors do jobs below their hard cost, in some cases they may not even know it.

Buy EasyEst Once - No monthly cost

The Home Improvement contractor must find a competitive edge or they find they are working for the most part for wages or less.

EasyEst can provide that competitive edge! Here is why and how EasyEst can do this for you.
  • One of the oldest and most powerful systems for more than 35 years.
  • Can be setup to estimate the way you do or would like to do.
  • Labor and material cost adjustment that are easy and fast, temporary or permanent.
  • Comes with Free training.

Short  VIDEO of the system

Sample Bid Reports


Will save many hours, just update with your current prices.

What is included

EasyEst Pro Plus Estimating system

Home Improvement PriceBook (need to update all prices)

4 Proposal reports (plus all our standard reports)

Many Formulas for calculating concrete, exterior/interior walls etc.

Free training

Options (additional fee)​

Custom reports (2) $ from $99 and up)​

trusted by great  Companies

ONLY $ 329

30 Day Guarantee 

Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)
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