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EasyEst Solution for Home Builder Contractors.

Home Builders – Even if you sub-contract most of your workout  you can control each subcontractors applied overhead and markup to give you very precise cost allocation for each job. Many estimating systems only allow global percentages to be applied to materials, labor and equipment.

You will be able set up Assemblies or Work Packages for different phases of constructing a home, a big time saver.

You will also be able to modify or create your own formulas for automatically calculating most quantities for the home. And accumulate total Labor hours for the complete job.

What is included:

  • EasyEst Pro Plus Estimating system
  • Home Builder PriceBook (need to update all prices)
  • 4 pre-design reports
  • Formulas and Custom Report designer
  • Free training

Options (additional fee)

  • NCE Craftsman Home Builder pricing data $79
  • Custom reports (2) $ from $99 and up)

Only $279

30 Day Money Back – Absolutely Risk Free – Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)