EasyEst Video Training - PriceBook Data

Setup your data PriceBook

Create Your Own PB Data

Creating a Custom PriceBook
You will be starting from an emtpy PriceBook. How to setup the input screens to make it easier. - (2 min.)
Adding Divisions-SubDivisions to custom PriceBook.
The 2 videos below will walk you through adding Divisions, Subdivision & Items to a new PriceBook  "Click a link below to view video"
How to organize data items
Formates, CSI, by activity, or custom to your method of takeoff.
How to add Sub-divisions
Adding PriceBook Divisions is just typing them in - but this video will give instructuions on the best way to add subdivisions
How to add itmes to Pricebook
Two ways to add Items to your PriceBook, as you build your item list and when you are doing a bid and need to add items to the pricebook.
Setup labor cost and crew list
Labor - hourly, uni cost,  piece work, sub-contract or lum sum.
Setup material cost...
Do you need details for ordering or just unit cost for the estimate
Job Costing, budgets, markups?
Set how you will apply labor burden, overhead expense profit or other cost.

Setup a Free PriceBook

Pick one of our free pricebooks
Preview it, download and install then make a copy and start  deleting every thing but what you are sure you can use (ther are no sacred cows).
Step bu Step guide to do a bid, Note - You will be able to bids fast once you get your priciing data setup. but for now the video will give you a over view. about 9 min.
Five ways to add items to a bid: 1-manully imput, 2-select from data list, 3- Assembly, 4- Super Assembly & 5-by a work package - for now we will show the first 2 only.
If you need to get a bid out right now use the methode in this video for now.  Just add all the items for the bid manully.

How to copy relocat or move single or groups of items and view related and non-related item sub total's.
This video will help you getup item to calulate material order qualities and labor and equipment hours.

Using Craftsman Data

Understanding where the value is
This video runs abot 4 1/2 min. If you ne.
how setup for your zip code
A very brief video on preving a report for a bid. We have other videos on uing reports
Making cost adjustments
Finding the Reports you need for your use and your customeres.
Labor and material
Short video on how to send a bid report by email to someone.
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