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To EasyEst Estimating


Please click on this show Video first to see how to use the help system.


Important – Backing up your data (5 min. 5 sec.)


Getting started Lessons


The "How To" videos play using your Internet browser. Click on a video description to play.

View this first- Main Screen overview (1 min. 45 sec.)

How to start a new bid (2 min. 18)

Checking for errors and omissions (3 min. 00 sec.)

How to make a new Price Book (4 min. 00 sec.)

How to move Price Book and Bids (6 min. 00 sec.)


What's New...


Show Video On-Screen Takeoff

Show Video Select Columns to Display

Show Video Bid Categories with Color Codes

Show Video FlexEst





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