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  • Nick Lagadinos

    Lagadinos Building and Design Inc.

    I have bids in my database from 1993.

    Just so you know I am a small builder 3-4 million a year. I have tried quite a few different estimating systems as trials over the years. Yours is still the simplest to manage, easiest to use and best I have used in the last 30+ years.

    Thanks again.


    Nick Lagadinos

  • Arieh Katz

    President, ACPS Painting

    EasyEst has become a vital component to our bidding.

    Thanks so much for returning my call regarding the Easy Est Software that was in a corrupt state on one of my laptops.

    A brief summary for our usage as a company of EasyEst Software. ACPS Painting has been in business since 2008. Ever since its inception, the loan estimating program that we use to modify and provide pricing feedback to our take-offs is EasyEst. As we transition into ACPS Contracting we will continue to use if for all of our applications that we currently perform: EIFS, Siding, Metal Panels, Renovations, Painting, Wallcovering, and Traffic Coatings.

    I was very pleased with the personal effort and care that you showed me in resolving the vital issue to the estimating software so that it was again functional. EasyEst has become a vital component to our proposal generation and bidding. We look forward to remaining EasyEst clients for years to come. Take care!

  • H.J. Loveridge

    Arthur Norman Co. Inc.

    I only wish I could thank you in a more meaningful way.

    As a custom remodeling contractor, Arthur Norman Co has used EasyEst Estimating software for over three decades. I can easily say there is no better program for what we do.

    The flexibility and range of possibilities using this software are incredible. Our EasyEst database has over 12k items in it and allows us to create money making estimates using bidding strategies that no other program has been able to do. The access to customer service is above anything else available, always ready to help with your needs.

  • Richard Herman

    Applied Shelters, Inc. - Schwenksville, PA

    Even more important is the excellent support...

    I have been using EasyEst for decades that I think dates back to the days of DOS. Anyway, it is truly easy and flexible to use that allows the construction of your own data base with material costs and labor rates or to use their already constructed data that can be revised.

    Even more important is the excellent support I have received over the years. Support is rarely needed. But when necessary, it is always friendly, thorough, immediate, and never rushed. Phone calls and emails are always answered on a surprisingly timely basis. This is a company that cares! Fair pricing is a bonus.

  • Mark - Warwick

    Panterra Properties, LLC

    Praise for CSC Software team:

    As a small enterprise general contractor doing commercial tenant improvements and a variety of home owner upgrades, we need to be nimble and flexible in how we present and tailor our costing information for our clients.

    We have been using CSC’s “EasyEst” software for a several years, as it is easily adapted to our changing requirements.

    The support team has been second to none in helping us maintain the integrity of our data, answer our queries in a timely fashion, and furnishing “hands on” assistance when we have needed it. CSC’s “EasyEst” is an integral part of our business.

  • Michael Reny

    Gulf Atlantic Electrical Constructors, Inc.

    It had been 12 years since we used EasyEst

    First of all I wanted to thank you for your time spent helping me as we implement EasyEst back into our estimating.

    It had been 12 years since we used it and I am glad to get back to it. The estimators are finding it much easier to work with, than the complex, overpriced system we had prior. The price book and several assemblies I have built are more streamline and make sense.

  • Cathy Harrison

    Best WallBoard

    I just want to Thank you

    I just want to Thank you so very much for helping me today it was not easy but you saved my life.

    I appreciate all the time you stayed with me on the phone to get the old files in to my new Est10.

    Thank you again for all your help I appreciate it very much.

  • Wayne Williams

    Custom Home Builder

    I NEVER EXPERIENCED a tool that equals EasyEst

    Thanks for all of your dependable help…..and I want you to know how much I appreciate your estimating system. I have been involved in building custom homes for many many years. In all of these years, I NEVER EXPERIENCED a tool that equals what your program does for me.

    It saves me time, but more importantly it allows me to be much more accurate with my estimates. You are to be commended for your efforts in placing this VERY POWERFUL program in the market place - it shows complete knowledge of the home building business.

    Thanks for having the foresight, determination and action to place this delightful program in the market place.

  • Shawn Woodburn

    Integrity Building & Remodeling LLC

    It's clear your progam is leaps and bounds above all...

    I hope all is good for you and yours. And while I have you.....I'm assuming there is no way to import a .csv or xlsx into EasyEst so my pricing is in its own database correct? Thats the biggest bottleneck for me fully utilizing EasyEst. Aside from that, it's clear your progam is leaps and bounds above all these new so called estimating programs.

    It's clear it was designed by someone who understands what estimating/unit cost/assemblies really are.

  • Paul Allen

    Allen Co. Design It! Build It! LLC

    Easy to manipulate that database and items

    I had experience with estimating software at my previous employer. I saw the value in estimating software in saving time, consistency, and accuracy. However it required constant database maintenance. I became a General Contractor in 2007. I did research on several estimating software packages that were available on the market at that time.

    EasyEst estimating software was a simple choice. I am now on Professional Plus 9.3 It is easy to create a database and easy to manipulate that database and items to my specific needs of each job yet it still provides me with a consistent path so my estimates read the same. I know there are tons of tools and reports available but I keep it simple.

    The other important factor in me selecting EasyEST was and still is the fantastic support Ron provides. He has always been available by e-mail and what us old guys call the phone to answer my questions or talk me through a task. I highly recommend Ron and EasyEst.

  • Alan French

    Vaughn and Webster

    I have found what I was looking for...

    I estimate remodeling, renovation and new commercial construction projects. Simply put, EasyEst is a great product! It has all the power, flexibility, accuracy, and ease of use any estimator could ask for. And I say that with over twenty years of commercial computer estimating experience, and having tried literally dozens of other estimating programs, including WinEst, ProEst, Means, Timberline and on and on and on behind me.

    Your software beats them all and at a fraction of the cost! It used to be a hobby of mine to try new estimating products when they hit the street, I haven’t done that for over three years. I have found what I was looking for and now don’t waste my time looking any more, I’m estimating! Thanks to EasyEst.

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