Getting Started Video Training

EasyEst Setup

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EasyEst Activation

EasyEst new users will see our activation splash screen but you do not need to activate for 30 days to use EasyEst. - (1 1/2 min.)

Entering Company Info.

Learn how to setup your company name style and reports header information like adding your email and contact phone. - (1 min.)

Setup Costing Data

Choosing the PriceBook data you will be using for your bids and how to  make a copy for your company to use. - (2 min.)

Need To Know...

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Bid Information Form

How to enter information about the current bid, such as owner, job address etc. - (3 min.)

Main Screen Overview

Please view this video as it will be a great help as you begin using EasyEst. (5 1/2 Min.)

Unit Cost vs. Detailed

"Unit Cost" and or "Material, Labor & Sub Cost", and also how you handle overhead & profit? - (4 min.)


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Your First Bid

You will be manually entering items and cost to the bid - it is very easy to lose focus looking for the excact items you need for the first bid. - (6 min.)

4 Ways to Start a New Bid

Learn the 4 ways you can start a new bid. - (5 min.)

More Help Starting Your First Bid

Step by Step guide to do a bid. Note - You will be able to do bids fast once you get your pricing data setup, but for now the video will give you an overview. - (9 min.)

Add Unique Bid Items

If you need to get a bid out right now, use the method in this video for now. Just add all the items for the bid manually. (1:00 Min.)

Important - The Bid Item List

Many times when adding items to a bid you will want to relocate, copy or put them with a group for getting subtotals. (10 Min.)

Need Material or Labor Order Quantities?

This video will help you setup items to calculate material order quantities, labor hours and equipment hours. - (4 1/2 min.)

Markups & Reporting

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Adding Markups

If you normally include your overhead and profit in the cost of each line item's raw cost you can skip this for now. But the video will give you a good over view of markups. And you will find this video will be helpful in the future. - (4 1/2 min.)

Preview Reports

A very brief video on previewing a report for a bid. We have other videos on using reports. - (1 min.)

Personal Reports List

Finding the Reports you need for you and your customers. - (2 min.)

Emailing a Bid Report

Short video on how to send a bid report by email to someone. - (1 1/2 min.)