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Contractor’s choice for over 40 years

EasyEst - Pay once not monthly forever!

Estimating Software as a service is how most of our competitors are going. If you would like to put more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket, NOT add it to your continually increasing overhead, then EasyEst may be your answer.

One System - Works for All Types of Contractors!

General Contractors
Includes General Contractor Commercial PriceBook(database). EasyEst Adjustment feature lets you easily adjust for prevailing and non-prevailing wage projects
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Remodeling Contractors

For contractors doing home remodeling and home improvement projects EasyEst includes our Remodel PriceBook(database) with many assemblies that will help you get started.
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subcontractors working on construction project


We have starter Price Books for many trades, just update the prices with your cost. You can also add or modify bid items as needed.

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EasyEst Estimating Software...

Do not let the low price be your indicator of value. For over 35 years we have been adding very powerful features that will give you all the benefits of a very pricey estimating system. During the 1980’s our early versions were distributed by private label to companies such as Timberline, A-System, Libra, Software Shop, CDCI and many more.

Whether your estimating requirements are simple unit cost or you need material order quantities and labor hours, EasyEst Estimating Software will do the job and at a price any contractor can afford!

General contractors of all sizes have been using EasyEst Estimating Software successfully for many years (see testimonies). Also home improvement remodeling companies have found the functionality they need in EasyEst.

If you are one of the many specialty contractors you will find EasyEst easy to customize.

About Us

Why Choose Our EasyEst Construction Estimating Software Over Other Systems?

owner mentality
Construction is in our DNA. We have operated as a Home Building and Remodeling business too.


What does this mean? We are here when you need help and we get out of your way when you have it nailed! In other words we are like an employee that works for free.

Sixty Day Support/Training

Sixty days free phone and email support. If you read what our users say (see testimonies) you will see we really do care for your success.


Serving contractors for over 40 years. Though EasyEst  may not look as modern as other systems, we hope you will agree it is what EasyEst does, that is important.

trusted by great Companies

Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)
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