User Support Sign-up

Effective 1, Feb. 2023

Why a support fee

For some time now as many know we offered free support, but this is no longer an option for us.

As many of you know there are only a few high quality and feature rich desktop estimating software programs that have not moved to a monthly subscription model.

However EasyEst will remain a one time fee for purchase. But we will no longer offer free support. Starting February 1st. 2023 all support contacts will be a fee of $60 minimum per incident including reinstall, help with error messages, and how to instructions.

We now have 3 options.

You can pay for any support per instance or select a yearly maintenance plan below.

What is included each year

Option #1
  • No charge phone and email support
  • EasyEst latest version install
  • Access to fundamental EasyEst training videos
  • Back door access to EasyEst files, report writer, DBF file editor & more
  • Access to special keyboard system information
  • Command line start-up switches incase you have corrupted data
Option #2
  • All items in option #1 plus...
  • EasyEst install files with instructions
  • On request copy of EasyEst source code
  • List of all EasyEst users
  • List of EasyEst files and what they are used for
  • Personal training for those who would like to resale (with a small one time resale fee)
Option #1
Yearly Maintenance for EasyEst users $89

Option #2
First year $159 there after $89